An intro...

Considering my current role, I often find it hard to explain my current position and skillset to people when they discuss my academic background. As I elected to study subjects such as Systems Programming, Computer Architecture, Computer Graphics, Embedded Systems, and Advanced Machine and Deep learning, I still find myself learning about these subjects in my free time which is kind of weird for my peers and friends. I was so obsessed with Embedded Systems and Intelligent Devices that I used to teach and organize workshops every Friday at Makeistan makerspace at ITU of Punjab when I was just in my 2nd year of undergrad! I was only 20 when I gave my first programming workshop.

It all ended at COMPPEC'18 at NUST EME when my FYP, S.E.R.I.C, won the award of Best of Punjab (overall) in the Embedded Systems category. It was such a huge deal for a liberal arts university that they did a press release and called me back for an Alumni session. Those were the days, soldering PCBs, hanging out at hall road, and programming in C and Python on Ardionos and Raspberry Pis with suttas and progressive metal. Ahhh...

The professors find it surprising as well. It somehow feels like, somewhere in an alternate universe little Abdullah who loved to make projects while geeking over Back to the Future, Star Wars, Backyard Science on NatGeo, and Discovery with his nerdy and highly educated mother is utterly disappointed with this business-minded and executive big Abdullah. Oh well, big Abdullah has plans for his Abdullah Jr. and daughter to be nerdy like little Abdullah. I have planned everything such as they will learn chess, programming, pre-civilization religious mythology, and practice Japanese martial arts like Jui Jitsu. And if they are interested, they can explore quantum mechanics as well.

Ironically, mama like this Abdullah better than little nerdy Abdullah who was obsessed with Time Travel and rocket cars breaking sound barriers on land. Mama thinks I am a born business and analytical guy who is on his way to being a leader. And after my experience and one year at Arbisoft, I believe her. Mama and I often discuss me joining Arbisoft and feel very grateful for me being here.

Oh! before I forget, I have an extensive portfolio outside academics including interdisciplinary collaborations with startups and educational entities, design projects such as A Light That is Shy, art projects such as Plants Making Music When You Interact With Them, philosophy research articles on metaphysics and consciousness such as On Machine and AI consciousness, and a few episodes of a radio show :D. I don't write it down on my resume or on LinkedIn but weirdly I have them ready to present when I really want to show off my cross-disciplinary portfolio. I even maintain my Research Gate and Academia profiles :D. Apart from the above, I wrote countless blog posts sometimes for money or when I was bored and felt like writing.

Congratulations for making it this far lol. And thank you!